The Story Behind a WBFF Pro Athlete -Oana DRAGULESCU

Oana Dragulescu is one of the best known Romanian fitness models, motivating many women and leading them as a motivational trainer.

If you take a look on her social media accounts, this beauty will leave you awe-struck with her photos and will make all of you wondering why girls fear to lift weights?


Her unique personality and drive have garnered a lot of attention and turned her into a Romanian fitness icon. She’s a beautiful, fit and strong woman, but what sets herself apart is her kindness and modesty.

Her fitness journey was more about her doing everything she could to be both healthier and happier with herself.

„For me sport equals health, health equals beauty, beauty means self-confidence and happiness, so it’s pretty impossible not to fall in love” – Oana Dragulescu

She lives for many years in Bucharest and she has become famous after competing at Bikini Diva category back in 2014. She made her mark on social media with her drop-dead gorgeous face and a perfectly crafted physique.

Oana graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, from National Academy of Fitness and Sports, so this would have been an alternative of what she’s doing right now. She was only 19 when she first stepped into a gym – it was love at first sight. 

Her inspiration back then, came from famous fitness divas like Paige Hathaway, Michelle Lewin, Andreia Brazier and Larissa Reis. It has given her the desire to become a healthy and strong woman.

As soon as she decided to get on stage in a bikini, she moved from the idea of doing it as a hobby to living a healthy lifestyle. She had a tremendous will and burning desire to achieve her goals. She knew in her heart that consistency and perseverance are the only way to meet them. In the moment her mind shifted in that direction, Oana began to take control of nutrition and started seeing big changes in her body.

oana dragulescu wbff fitness athlete

She decided to take part in her first competition – The WBFF London 2014 and she began training and pushing her body to perform more than before. After months of rigorous preparation and drudgery she stepped onto the stage in the competition day and came up in Top 10 Bikini Diva.

But it was not just the pride she took home, after this experience she was hungry for more. It’s a common truth that hard work beats talent and the hardest working person in the room will always outshine the rest.

She used her experience of the competition to get even more ready for the next show – PCA in 2015, where she won the 1st place and a PRO Card. More competitions followed and now she’s a multiple titleholder which helped fulfill another dream she had at the beginning, to become one of the fitness role model others will look up to and get inspired by.

Well… for sure she did!

She turned her passion into a real career. Being a fitness mentor is also a valuable experience that comes with a lot of responsibility. She thinks the most rewarding part of it is being a part of a person’s journey as they achieve their body goals. 

Oana feels grateful to help so many people around. Her job as a mentor is to provide knowledge and guidance for those who need to carve their own professional path, inspiration and honest feedback to help them light way.

She tries to keep her private life private. She posts only motivational and educational stuff. By doing that, doesn’t mean she is self-centered, despite that she’s trying to inspire people and give that needed kick in the behind to those who want to make a change but just can’t get over excuses and self-limitations.

Her work ethic and dedication are what have helped her achieve a chiseled body, she believes that consistency is the key to success no matter what is that you are doing.

Besides being a fitness icon and a bikini diva, she’s a mother of a 2 year old boy.

Her life changed completely after giving birth, the little one is her universe and takes most of her time. Whenever she feels down, she goes to the gym because there is the place where she finds her strength to move forward.

„I miss the stage and prep period. I’m planning to get back…” – Oana Dragulescu

She bounced back to her pre-baby body in no time, thanks to her discipline during pregnancy and keeping the same workout and diet routine.

Currently she’s training 3-4 times a week, sometimes more if she finds the time. In order to counteract her lack of sleep, she is paying a closer attention on diet, being on a slightly calorie surplus.

She was faced with many problems, but fitness was a natural and very healthy rebound for herself. Being a single mom, has challenged her to become even more organized than she was before, doing all the meal prep at home, finding a way to take care of her body even if her rest is poor. Nevertheless, her motivation has not dropped. She’s even more determined and persistent than ever.

Even though her time is limited now, Oana manages to maintain her conditioning throughout the year and looks like she is always ready to jump onto a magazine cover.

Oana is such an influential fitness icon and she should be very proud of her accomplishments. She’s an inspiration online and offline, but what’s most important is that she is doing what she loves to do and feeling good about it, working every day as a personal fitness trainer. All following that, she considers to be an incredible bonus.


  • The WBFF London November 2014 – Top 10 Bikini Diva
  • PCA – 1st Place Bikini Class 2015
  • PCA – 1st Overall Woman 2015
  • The WBFF London November 2015 – 4th Bikini Diva
  • Pure Elite Pro – Bikini Diva November 2015

Credit: Oana Dragulescu

Instagram account: @oana_dragulescu

Facebook account: oana.dragulescu

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