The power of health and fitness influencer marketing:
10 examples

Client behavior is always changing, and if there’s one thing you should have in mind to keep up with them, it’s this: be wherever your clients are. 

You guessed, they’re online, scrolling through social media for hours. 

As for the business you run, this behavioural shift represents a real opportunity for less-intrusive forms of marketing that customers don’t find it annoying and they actually enjoy and engage with. One of them is influencer marketing. 

You Might be Thinking: “Okay, but Does Influencer Marketing Really Work?”

The answer is YES. The numbers show that people trust people more than they trust brands, they trust content creators; especially niche content creators that build relationships with their followers, have conversations with them, and understand what they want and like.

The numbers also show that 1 of 2 consumers made a purchase based upon an content creator’s recommendation because they generally trust their recommendations.

“Brands that excel in influencer marketing all understand one thing: it’s that influencer marketing isn’t the final piece of the puzzle, but rather the one that can jumpstart a brand’s overall marketing initiatives. Successful brands leverage influencers to become content creators, affiliates, and develop programs to introduce the influencers to their brands so they can become the loudest spokespeople for the brand.” – Jason Wong, influencer marketing expert at

Why Do Consumers Trust Health and Fitness Influencers?

When it comes to creator marketing, some niches find more success than others. Why is that? 

The ’empowered’ consumer is constantly on the lookout for information and recommendations from trusted sources when it comes to their healthcare, wellness and nutrition. 

For fitness influencers, social media is a way to share their ways of life and the things they truly believe in. Followers recognize this as authentic, genuine content – and they’re completely drawn to it. Authenticity is extremely important in the health and fitness industry.

Let’s take a look at five specific reasons followers trust content creators in the health and fitness space. 

1. Health & Fitness Influencers are highly trusted and credentialed.

They are seen as trusted experts because they practice what they preach. In contrast to influencers used in other categories such as fashion and entertainment, health and fitness influencers have professional degrees, credentials, expertise, and continuing education requirements. When it comes to information about nutrition, physical activity or weight loss, consumers trust health professionals most. 

Giving them the freedom to create authentic content can bring great results for the companies that incorporate influencer marketing in their strategy. 

2. Consumers and Fitness Influencers share the same values.

Today, consumers like to seek out information and advice to more proactively manage their and their family’s health. These empowered consumers are hungry for credible information and practical advice on how they can feel better, eat well, exercise daily, basically take more charge of their own health. People prefer to follow influencers that share their own values. Health and fitness experts are providing information that consumers actively want to hear, because they view these things as a way of life (not a one-off topic.) When audiences see these authentic influencers promote a product, it doesn’t feel fake or forced — they trust the recommendation of the content creator.

“A majority of influencers in this space built their community based on an honest approach to empower others to seek ways to improve their quality of life. Consumers want to see people actively using the products and referencing the benefits they’ve already had as opposed to benefits they might receive. This makes niche, micro-influencers a great choice as their engagement and interaction with their followers is often more intimate.” -Jordie Black, Creator marketing expert at Copy and Check

3. They engage with their audience.

People that follow fitness influencers do so partly because they want to feel like they’re part of a community that’s interested in sharing and talking about sports and having a healthy lifestyle. This is why Brands should look for influencers that have a strong connection with the community they’ve built and that they regularly engage with their audience. Data shows that engagement rate is one of the top three reasons brands look at when selecting influencers to work with.

graphic describing the importance of engagement in influencer marketing

4. There are driving the conversations – and sales.

According to Matter Communications , health and wellness is among the top three categories in which consumers are most likely to act on (purchase, research, spread the word or consider) influencer marketing content. Another reason people love health and fitness influencers: they’re trendsetters. They are always one step ahead of the trends and know what will soon be hot. They are constantly open to test new products, workout routines, and supplements to boost their physical and mental energy. After finding something they like they share it with their audience members. Working out is their full time job, and creating authentic content is fueled by their energy.  

5. They use strong performing social media channels and reach large audiences

Unlike in some industries, these influencers often use different platforms and can easily tailor the content and message for each kind of audience, on each channel. For example:

  • Instagram story –  unboxing videos that showcase the product, the beautiful packaging, and first impressions are impactful.
  • YouTube is great to demonstrate everyday use and long-term results of the product.
  • Blogs are an incredible platform to leverage because they put accent both on written and visual content.

Some of the best content creators in this niche are opened to creating more than just a post on Instagram, they can write blog posts where they can explain the everyday use of a product for optimal well-being, they can create videos for YouTube, tutorials, and e-books. All this type of content they share across their various channels, create opportunities for added reach to different audiences and more exposure.

Health and Fitness Influencer Marketing: 10 Examples

So who is doing this well right now in Romania?

The following companies use influencers to publicly endorse and market their products, therefore crediting them for the success of their fitness goals.

Influencers will endorse these brands through numerous techniques: Instagram giveaway,  product reviews or unboxing videos, instructional how-to videos on a product, and more.

We pulled together 10 different examples to show you exactly how different brands and organizations are using health and fitness influencers as inspiration for your own creator marketing efforts.

1. Fares Orastie addresses the importance of vitamins while keeping up with healthy habits.

While most people pay attention to their macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat), they often forget about watching their micronutrients—the vitamins and minerals in foods. @Fares_Orastie partnered with fitness influencer @MadalinaFit to promote their 100% natural products.

Influencer @MadalinaFit shows what vitamins she takes from @Fares_Orastie.

2. Vitabolic builds awareness by partnering with hardworking athletes.

The best way to spread the message to active people that care about their wellbeing and know the importance of supplements for maximizing the results in fitness and bodybuilding, is to partner with someone like @MNedelcu64. Through hard work, lots of ambition, consistency and support from her fitness coach @Raul_Jianu, she won the 3rd place this year at the IFBB World Junior Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship.  In her partnership with @Vitabolic she spreads the message of how important it is to get the energy and nutrition you need, while also showing the beautiful body she developed by working hard in the gym.  This post was intended to raise awareness during her competition period.

Influencer @MNedelcu64  partnered with @Vitabolic Romania.

Coach @Raul_Jianu feeling very proud of Maria’s success. 

3. GymBeam Romania emphasizes the importance of hydration during workout.

We often forget how important it is to stay hydrated, especially when we workout. @GymBeamRo partnered with @Raul_Jianu to remind people that being hydrated and energetic throughout the day can be fun and taste good. There’s even a discount code to incentivize purchases.

Fitness coach @Raul_Jianu shows people how to stay hydrated with ReHYDRATE from @GymBeamRo

4. PRO Nutrition Romania helps athletes with low energy levels.

Most people will experience tiredness or fatigue at some stage during training. This may be due to increases in the amount or intensity of training, stress-related or simply due to lack of sleep. PRO Nutrition teamed up with gym and fitness creator Ana (Instagram account to show that keeping up with an intense workout is much easier with their drink.

‍Influencer Ana partnered with @pronutritionro.

5. GymBeam Romania leverages fitness influencers preparing for a workout.

We all know the struggle before going to workout. GymBeam Romania teamed up with influencer @CristianCostin to show that mentally preparing for an intense workout is much easier with their pre-workout drink. Wrapping up the caption with a question, sparks conversation and boosts engagement. 

‍Influencer @CristianCostin partnered with @GymBeamRo

6. MYPROTEIN shares healthy recipes made with their products to satisfy a sweet tooth

Eating more healthy is on everyone’s list. To leverage on this trend, @MyProteinRo teamed up with @Nicolas_Aesthetics a fitness influencer on instagran and vlogger also, to share a healthy recipe with the audience. The post spotlights 2 products of MYPROTEIN which can be combined with other healthy foods and completely satisfy a sweet tooth. Nicolas is a very creative and hard-working fitness athlete and his way of promoting MYPROTEIN was also a great example of how you can strategically target specific diets like sugar-free or low-carb.

‍Influencer @Nicolas_Aesthetics shares a healthy recipe using MyProteins’s products.   

7. Prozis uses fitness beauties to promote their outfits.

Influencer @TeodoraBircianu shared a video of her leg workout routine while promoting the X-Skin white outfit from Prozis. Influencers often get questions about their workout sets, so Prozis used this opportunity to promote its fitness outfits. In this one-minute video, the content creator presents a few exercises, while also showing the activewear in action. 

Influencer @TeodoraBircianu shows Prozis’s activewear in action

8. XNUTRITION Romania encourages people to take care of their health with vitamins

For many people taking the necessary vitamins daily can be daunting. XNUTRITION partnered with athlete @ioana_sulea_official to share her thoughts on the importance of vitamins for health, but also all the things to have in mind when choosing the right products. In the caption, the fitness influencer encourages followers to try the MINERAL PLEX vitamins, using her discount code.

Influencer @Ioana_Sulea_Official explains how important it is to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals and what are the benefits of  Mineral Plex

9. SanoVita shares a quick and healthy breakfast idea made with their products

With little to no planning and an arsenal of no-fuss, healthy go-to recipes, you can in fact assemble a decent breakfast early in the morning, and get to work on time. SanoVita partnered with @MadalinaFit to remind people that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s why you don’t skip it. It takes a second to prepare yourself something quick and healthy.

Influencer @MadalinaFit shows what she chose to eat for breakfast. Fast and healthy,  thanks to @Sano_Vita.

10. Beast Pink spreads awareness in Romania

Built under the brand GymBeam, Beast Pink is a new fitness brand specially created by women for women. They partnered with IFBB PRO Athlete and fitness influencer @OanaDragulescu to increase brand awareness and building trust. 

Influencer @OanaDragulescu  partnered with @BeastPink.Official to spread awareness in Romania. 

Influencer Marketing in Health & Fitness Industry is All About Keeping it Real

Leveraging the creativity of health and fitness influencers can help brands reach their target audience with messages audiences can trust.

If you’re in this niche, consider adding Influencer Marketing to your long-term marketing strategy.

You will thank later.