The Most Active Romanian Female Driver - Cristiana OPREA

We are more than happy to introduce you this woman we came across recently. A few years ago, Cristiana started studying Architecture but soon after that she felt this is not what she truly loved doing.

Most of the millennials’ DNA is to make a huge change in their lives and become what they envision and not what their society or parents tell them to.

Follow a dream

She had a dream and she decided to pursue it, to get fulfillment in her life. She proudly stands out from being “common” for most other girls, but for her nothing else matters when she is living her dream.

Rally became a lifestyle

She stepped into the automotive industry, having a strong feeling that this is how she can make the world a better place. She has become the most active female racing driver in Romania and she says she uses sport as a powerful and relevant communication vector. 

Motorsport became her lifestyle and whenever she feels inspired, writes on her blog

The relationship you have with your car is one of the most serious and personal relationships in your life. – Cristiana Oprea

  • in 2018, together with her co-driver,  succeeded in becoming the first Romanian ladies crew in the last 50 years to compete in a foreign rally (Bulgaria);
  • in 2019 these 2 women wrote another page in motorsport history by becoming the first ladies crew to represent Romania in the prestigious European Rally Championship FIA ERC (Italy).

Funny things fans should know about Cristiana is that she completed driving school 3 times.

As she is saying:

“Yep, since 15 years old, the most coveted moments of each summer were the driving lessons. This is how I got to know and drive probably over 20 cars until I was 18, realizing how much the experience of driving changes from one vehicle to another.”

What’s more interesting about her is that she built her own race car, a Dacia Sandero 0.9 TCe.


Her mission is to promote speed driving only in a controlled and legal environment and to empower women in a – how most people will say – “men industry“.

What we like about Cristiana is her unique and authentic way she tells her story, how she manages to take part at so many projects, keep writing stories on her blog Emoticar and also on her fresh new platform Femei In Motorsport. If you stop by and start reading her blog, you can easily see the true passion she has for cars and driving.

We are fortunate and proud to have her part of our team!

Well done Cristiana! Keep on with the good job and make all women proud in this man’s driving world.

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