Marketing, brand partnerships and sponsorships

We create exciting partnerships between brands and leading rights holders.

Our focus


… we are focused on creating outstanding value for brands investing in sport industry.

We are committed to building credible and authentic brand partnerships, we deliver real value and a sustainable source of competitive advantage for many sport brands.

With our rights holder clients, we collaborate to create tailored made partnership solutions which best support the achievement of marketing and sales objectives of corporate customers. Our approach is market driven and flexible.

In this tech-savvy, millennial-driven era, we take this one step further by enhancing engagement and building lasting connections with fans. We generate strong emotions from our campaigns and grow relationships throughout the customer’s journey – in order to retain loyalty.
Fitness Content Marketing
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Fitness Marketing Agency

Strateging Influencer Marketing Expertise

 for Aspiring International Brands

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The most impactful media campaigns are generated by defining influencer marketing goals and shaping the strategy around them.

Athlete Management

Talent representation and management is the foundation of digital sports marketing.

Digital Sport Influencers Agency leads sport influencers representation and management. We work to ensure long term success of the athletes, keeping an eye towards their online career options. We effectively oversee the careers of athletes, as a result of our brand oriented philosophy. 

Our focus

Sport Influencers

For the athletes we represent, we develop and deliver commercial strategies grounded in practical market experience and focused on delivering results.

We help our clients extend their career options and grow their revenues while preserving their autonomy and the integrity of the sport they are practicing.

our business

We aim to build strong and thriving partnerships between brands and influencers. We build results from great partnerships.

We focus on establishing mutually beneficial long term relationships  and we assist brands through every stage of the influence marketing process.

branded content

We grab the attention of today’s consumer and drive real engagement through content.
Our primary goal is to create strong emotional responses in your audiences that will help to drive strong positive associations, which in turn will generate sales further down the marketing funnel.
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influencer marketing

Get creative with branded social media posts.
We create Instagram and Facebook influencer programs to drive conversions. Successful influencer campaigns require time and effort to garner great results.  We are skilled in tailoring social media campaigns for your brand by partnering with top-performing influencers. 

social media management

Strategy and good aesthetic go hand in hand when it comes to effective social media presence.
We help you with refining your brand voice, engaging with your community, creating, posting, and monitoring your social media accounts to add value to your communication strategy.
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Inter Industry Collaboration

Inter-industry creative collaboration is a unique kind of cooperation between business partners from diverse industries.
We approach this innovative concept that many companies have exploited it in the past years (brand partnerships, brand alliances and co-branding).

Make a beautiful campaign

It has never been easier to create marketing campaigns for your fitness brand. Now we are here for you.